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AIM Officer Positions Available!

Welcome back to school UCSD! Its a brand new school year and we’re looking for officers for AIM! this year. If you want to get involved with spreading academic integrity awareness throughout the university, this is the place for you!

We have tons of officer positions open including:

  • President, Internal- In terms of executive meetings, will be responsible for running the meetings and coordinating the activities of the other members. Will maintain electronic communication with current and future members through list-serve (address any questions/concerns, update mailing list), will inform members of upcoming events, and works with President, External to oversee AIM officers and committees.
  • Co-Committee Outreach chairs:
    1. Local UCSD committee outreach chair – They are responsible for reaching out to local UCSD students about academic integrity, whether it be through flyers, tabling, or just talking with students to create a culture of academic integrity or talking with professors about ways to decrease cheating in classrooms.
    2. Non-UCSD committee outreach chair – They are responsible for reaching out to the community about academic integrity.  This includes contacting high schools to give speeches on academic integrity.
  • Events coordinator –This officer is responsible for planning events and organizing all the details regarding the events along with everybody else in the club including events like academic integrity awareness week. Will reserve rooms for events (this involves going through CSI and “TAP” the event). They may also be responsible for checking out a projector or other media equipment that are needed
  • Secretary/Newsletter Chair- responsible for recording the things that are talked about in the meetings, and type up meeting minutes to send out to other officers. Responsible for creating quarterly newsletters to send out to members.

If you think you have what it takes, fill out an application and email it to or drop it by the AI Office in the Student Services Center, 5th floor – room 508A. Good luck!